Professional Window Cleaning


 We specialize in high-rise window cleaning and related maintenance services. We have more than 12 years of professional climbing and rappelling experience. We can service buildings that hydraulic lifts can’t reach and without placing over 20,000 lbs of heavy equipment on your parking lot or lawn. We also service smaller commercial buildings and some residential properties.

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About Us

 Based in Richmond, Virginia, Ross Bailey Services has 12 years of professional climbing and rappelling experience exceeding 3000 hours of suspended-harness climbing. 

We also have one of the best safety records of any company in Virginia.

In over a decade of professional climbing, not a single accident requiring hospital care and not one insurance claim for property damage. Safety is always the top priority.

Caring for your windows

The most cost effective way to protect your financial investment in quality windows is to routinely clean soft-dirt from glass surfaces before it hardens and damages glass surfaces.

In addition to aesthetics, regular window cleaning helps prevent permanent staining of glass panes and sills. Preventing hardened materials from forming in the first place actually protects your windows and always looks aesthetically pleasing to your customers. To prevent irreversible damage, glass surfaces should be cleaned on a regular basis.

Glass with overhead masonry or exposed to excessive automobile exhaust, near busy roadways and parking lots, should be cleaned at least once per year. Hardened materials ---  from minerals in masonry, acid rain, tar, paint, auto exhaust, and road-splash from parking lots - can cement onto glass surfaces and permanently scar the glass. Some hardened materials may be removed using mild acids that must rest on each glass pane for several minutes, followed by excessive scrubbing with a non-abrasive scouring pad. This additional cleaning step typically adds cost due to the amount of labor time required for each cleaning. Without regular cleaning of your windows, some stains can become permanently etched onto the glass and cannot be removed even with the use of mild acids.

Regular cleaning of your windows also helps minimize nests built by hornets and mud-daubers under window eaves, especially on taller buildings. Insect nests, some constructed of dirt, are unsightly and can permanently stain the non-glass areas surrounding each window.

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What our satisfied customers are saying:

"I wish to recommend Mr. Ross Bailey and Ross Bailey Services to anyone in need of professional window cleaning. Mr. Bailey did an outstanding job cleaning the windows in our seven-story, 213 room hotel. He was always mindful of our business needs and always worked in a neat and safe manner. He is a true professional and a gentleman."


Matthew Lannon | General Manager

Hampton Inn & Suites
Old Town Alexandria, VA